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I cannot believe it’s already been a week since IWD! ❤️

nibble nq international womens day fwd 2022 free coffee girls can do fucking anything
We had a bloody great day with the lovely ladies at fellow female run Manchester biz, LullaBellz, giving out FREE COFFEE from our spot on Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter. Thanks for a great day lovelies. (If you’ve not been to our cafe before, find out more here) nn It started with a queue going all the way around the corner, and we wrote empowering quotes on each coffee cup as a little reminder that girls can do f*cking anything (we’re so passionate about it that we started our own merch line to tell everyone and help motivate other great ladies too) ! In total, we gave out 296 free coffees. Amazing!!! n
female run cafe manchester girl power feminist quote uk
Thank you so much for coming down, you definitely kept us busy, and it was such a lovely day, being surrounded by amazing females and seeing your smiling faces ♥️ It definitely left me feeling fully charged, motivated and empowered, and was a reminder of how bloody gorgeous our city is. n

I was on a podcast

n Sticking with the female empowerment vibes, I was lucky enough to be invited on to the wonderful Katy Humphrey’s Behind The Business Podcast. We had a blast and talked all things personal development (something I ignored – or just didn’t make time for – for bloody ages), losing yourself to your business and finding your way back, and generally
behind the business podcast Lauren Irlam Katy humphrey coach nibble cafe female business owner manchester
had a good laugh. If you’ve got some time, give it a listen – you can find it on Spotify with all your usual podcasts too! nn I’ve known Katy for around a year now and hearing how she’s seen me and my journey over the last year progress, was absolutely lovely and much needed. nn It’s been a mad year since my January lockdown breakdown, which led me to focus on my own personal development finally, and through all the ups and downs (and then more downs – ta, covid and universe
nibble cafe manchester female run fwd empowerment motivational merchandise uk delivery
throwing shit at us), I stuck with it and I got myself some support outside of the business (hello, Holly and the Flourish crew – good news too, Holly is opening the doors to the next wave of Flourishers, so if you want to join our amazing squad, get involved! It’s one of the best things I ever did and that I’m thankful for every damn day!). I’ve learnt loads and really focussed on the things that I wanted to, and actually put stuff into practise, and it’s starting to pay off, I can go to bed proud tonight I think – something I find hard to do! Why is it we’re all so good at shouting about what we’re crap at, and not what we’ve done well? I’m trying to be kinder to myself, and I hope you are too. Give me a shout if you need a pep talk 😉 n
girls can do anything mug uk delivery female run business manchester cafe

We’ve got new merch, introducing the non sweary versions!

n I am super excited that we finally got delivery of our brand new merch!! It came a day late after our IWD celebrations (of course)! Anyways… nn Our lovely customers have loved the GIRLS CAN DO FUCKING ANYTHING range, and we’ve almost sold out of our first batch of tea towels and tote bags, and we’ve already had to order more cards, and mugs, but we recognise that the swearing isn’t for everyone and isn’t always appropriate…
rude mother's day cards female empowerment greetings card women owned business
So, I designed a clean version too so we can help to empower people of all ages, at all occasions! Hello to our little people nn Introducing the… GIRLS CAN DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING range, and we’ve got NOTEBOOKS too, which we haven’t done before. If you’re a stationery addict like me, you’ll love them. n They’ll be on sale soon, but you can sign up to our email newsletter to get early access when I’ve got these organised and you’ll be the very first to get your hands on them. n

You’ve got until Sunday to place your Mother’s Day orders…

afternoon tea at home uk delivery dietary requirements catered for
Our shop will close on Sunday at 9pm, so you’ve got until then to get your orders in. nn You can shop here! nn We’ve got… n Afternoon tea boxes (vegan too) n Brownie boxes (coeliac and gluten free suitable) n Vegan cake boxes (of course completely dairy free) n Ultimate cake boxes (the big one) n Creme egg brownie boxes n Chocolate bread and butter pudding and chocolate custard n Cream tea scone hampers n Mum’s can cards n Tote bags, tea towels and mugs too…
doodle4ukraine myrodoodles nibble nq northern quarter manchester window art Ukraine crisis appeal support
Place your orders here and be the fave child for sure. n We’ll do the rest. nn 10{b9cd99765e04b164a9a17d39d5d0430adf2b0ffff3fc0ddd5a2999e19ef031f4} of all sales will go to the Ukraine Crisis appeal, plus I’ll double the donation personally too. nn Talking of… n


n We placed a donation with the gorgeous girls behind this amazing campaign. nn Follow them here, see their work, and get donating too.
ukraine sunflowers doodle4ukraine myrodoodles nibble nq manchester uk
We were more than happy to use our windows, and our platform as a business to show some support and raise some awareness, it’s the very least we could do, and the bloody lovely Myrodoodles came to the cafe and gave our windows a Ukrainian revamp. nn Myro is Ukrainian herself, so this is close to home. She’s done some amazing work spreading the word and being a voice for the rest of us, while doodling her life away too, protesting and doing loads of good stuff. All while she’s about to give birth. She’s finishing work for mat leave this week, so show her some love and let’s give her a good send off. Myro, you’re a hero and I couldn’t be more proud. nn So yes, what a bloody week eh? n I wonder what this one has in store… nn

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